What To Do When Your Child Has A Tantrum In Public

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Are you at that place in your life where those terrible twos terrific twos have arrived in your precious child?

Do you worry about  going out because your toddler may embarrass you with their unannounced tantrum?

If so, you have come to the right post!

One day while we were at a library story time, my son was just in one of those moods. He didn’t enjoy the story, dancing, and barely enjoyed the bubbles at the end.

I felt the tantrum coming on as he constantly whined to have a snack bar the entire time. Thankfully, the story time ended before he had a full blown tantrum.

Now there has been a few times in the past he has had a tantrum in public and I didn’t know exactly what to do to stop it.


My son was ready to have a melt down at the library because he couldn’t have a snack bar.

Mainly because I wasn’t sure which route I wanted to take with disciplining him. 

I mean nowadays, you can’t just grab your child and spank them in public unless you want to hear angry bystanders give you a mouth full on what you shouldn’t be doing.

Coming from a Mama who used to spank, I was trying to come up with another alternative.

After dealing with a few tantrums in my mommy life, I can now say I have finally mastered the way to handle it.

There are three key things that i started implementing when my child has a tantrum in public or at home.

Watch me talk about my 3 methods below!

What To Do When Your Child Has A Tantrum In Public:

1. Keep Your Cool 

Do NOT allow your child to see you sweat. The moment you get frustrated and start yelling right along with them, is the moment they have won.

Our kids react a lot of times off of our emotions. So in the heat of the tantrum, our anger must stay tamed.

Learn How to Control Your Anger: Take the 5-day Challenge

2. Take them to an area where there is no one else around

Whether that’s the bathroom or back to the car, just find a quiet place and get there as fast as possible. Your child will be more willing to talk to you if there isn’t other people around watching.                                                                                                

Believe it or not, our little humans get embarrassed just as much as we do while they’re having a tantrum. If they are not as verbal yet, then you can just pay attention to their head gestures when you ask them questions.

3. Watch Your Words

Ask your child what THE problem is and DON’T ask them what THEIR problem is. Or ask them, “What’s wrong?” Not, “What’s wrong with YOU?” It may sound like the same thing but I’ve discovered, our kids tend to get offended often just from how we say things to them.

Typically if a toddler is having a tantrum, its because one of the 3 reasons: They’re hungry, sleepy, or want attention. These are all simple things to solve for our little humans. We just have to do it in a way that won’t escalate the tantrum. 

Many times as parents in the heat of frustration, we tend to say words that can progress the tantrum instead of stopping  it.

I know this first hand because I myself am guilty of that very thing…but thank God for growth right?

My little guy!

Just remember the next time your child has a tantrum, you are in control and know what to do to defuse it.

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