About Me

Hey everyone! I’m Zaneta,

The Work at Home Mama

from zthewahm.com

I’m a believer in Jesus Christ,  stay-at-home mom to my three little humans wife to my best friend! I’m a passionate writer, home preschool teacher to my kiddos, and lover of all things #momlife.

I went to school to become a veterinary technician and graduated with a B.S. degree in Veterinary Science.

I worked as a Vet. Tech in a small clinic for about a year but once our first child (our son) came into the picture, I had to find a way to stay at home with him.

So, my husband picked up a second job and we made it happen. 

But as time went on, I was so saddened to see my at the time, 1-year-old son constantly tugging on his daddy’s pants leg begging him not to leave for work.

So I was determined to help bring in additional income by having a home based business.

I then taught myself how to crochet in hope that I would eventually start a business out of it and that’s just what I did.

That is when my shop (that I no longer operate) Z’s Crochet Creations came to life! 

Once my crochet business started to take off, I was able to help financially and my husband eventually landed a better job, which allowed him to quit the second one.

Now with our daughter in the picture, I just don’t have much time to crochet these days, which led me to look for other opportunities to work from home.

I always wanted to blog, but didn’t have a clue on how it worked.

So I finally decided to take a leap of faith and start my very own blog.

I knew it was time I share my experiences with moms around the world. 

And that is when Zaneta The Work At Home Mama came to life!

My goal is to help you simplify your motherhood journey as I share tips on faith, parenting, motherhood, and so much more!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I’d love to connect with you and hear your story! Let’s stay connected.





If you’re looking for Mom Life tips, be sure to check out my resource page to help you on your journey.