Why You Should Consider Making Your Own Baby Food

Have you ever wondered how store bought baby food is able to sit on the shelves for so long without being refrigerated? Especially the ones that have on their label “no preservatives added”.

The thought all began when my son came into the picture. My hubby and I didn’t know everything there was to know about babies, but we knew we wanted to make homemade baby food.

We were those brand new parents who wanted the absolute best for our child so buying store bought baby food was out of the question.

I began to do my research on how to properly make baby food and why it was better versus store bought.

What I discovered shocked me and also confirmed that making my own baby food was the best route to go.

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Why You Should Consider Making Your Own Baby Food

According to USDA FSIS, “Food items that are shelf-stable foods, meaning they are able to (stay on shelves for long periods of time without being refrigerated), are sealed and heated to a high temperature to be preserved “.

Basically the way it happens is, the food is vacuum sealed in containers, cans, jars, etc, then heat processed  at a high temperature to kill any fungi, bacteria, or viruses. 

Reasons why you should make your own baby food

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  • You’re able to keep all of the nutrients in your food

When the baby food in stores are sealed and heated to high temperatures, a lot of the natural nutrients are stripped from the food during this process. Therefore, causing the food to have a slight change in color and taste.

This is one of the reasons some companies add artificial colors and flavors. Although a lot of companies are steering away from this, there’s still the fact of nutrients being stripped during the heating preservation process.

I don’t know if you have ever seen the color difference in store bought baby food and homemade baby food, but the colors are usually brighter when they are homemade because all of the nutrients are still there.


Whether you boil or steam your own baby food, you are still able to use the nutrients that is left in the broth for pureeing.

  • You know what’s in it

How many times have we seen food items at the stores get recalled due to some type of cross contamination. I am just not willing to take the chance of my baby getting sick due too improper food processing.

Here is a link to parents giving their experiences on the baby food they purchased in store

Ever since I started making my own baby food a few years ago, I have noticed amazing benefits from doing so for my children.

They have always received compliments on their teeth and both of my kiddos teeth came in really fast. I believe it was due to breastfeeding and homemade baby food.

Now, of course I have no proof of this, but I’m sticking to it!

I really hope this article has helped someone decide to start making their own baby food. Your precious little one is truly worth that much. 

I will have another article on how you can save some time by storing your homemade baby food

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  1. Hi Zaneta! I can completely relate and I agreed with You’re able to keep all of the nutrients in your food. I decided to breast feed our daughter until she was 11 months old. We never once bought store food. Everything was made from scratch using fresh ingredients. She was never sick. Great post!

  2. Hi Zaneta; Great post. I am pretty limited in my kitchen skills, but I was still able to make some of my kids baby foods and used some store bought. It wasn’t the perfect solution, in particular when it came to meats I refused to give my kids meat from a jar. the thought of that freaked me out! I would boil chicken and sweet potato and puree together and freeze in ice cube trays (then cover them).

  3. Hey Brooke! Thank you!! That’s awesome..whatever works for your family is all that matters. Yea, the baby food that has meat in the jars smell awful!! I had to smell a few different ones at a baby shower one time and couldn’t stand to smell it LOL. Sweet potato pureed with everything was definitely a go-to for me as well. Thanks for sharing!! =)

  4. My son will start eating solids in a month or so, I’m teally hoping to feed him as much fruits and vegetables that we grow at home for these reasons!

    1. Hey Diana! That is so awesome you guys grow your own fruits and veggies. My hubby and I have a passion to start doing that again soon. Your son will be totally happy and healthy from making your own homemade baby food from the garden. Thanks for sharing!!

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