Easy Father’s Day Picture Frame Craft for Kids

This Father’s Day, I wanted the kids to create a fun craft for their dad that would be cherished for a lifetime.

My kids really enjoy anything evolving paint so I knew they would love this idea.

Here’s an Easy Father’s Day picture frame craft for kids. They will be sure to love!

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You will need:

How to Make Father’s Day picture Frame Craft:

  • Get your poster board and place your picture frame on top 
  • Use the paper inside of the picture frame as a guide to cut the perfect size for your picture

    This is the paper that was originally inside of the picture frame. I used it as a guide to cut my poster board paper.
  • Now place your cut out poster board into the picture frame to ensure it fits properly
This is the cut out. I managed to cut it perfectly!
  • Make sure you are using the non glossy side of the poster board so that the paint will easily apply
  • Now it’s time to paint the bottom of  the boot


Here’s how I started to paint the bottom of my hubby’s boot
  • Paint the most raised parts of the boot so that the paint will transfer to the paper properly

I wanted the colors to be fun and colorful but feel free to use one color if you desire
  • Once your boot is fully painted, apply one more coat of paint before you press it on your poster board to ensure you get a nice print
  • Press and hold the boot onto the poster holding the boot firm and pressing it forward and back to make sure the paint comes off nicely
  • Now it’s time to paint your little human’s foot
  • Once painted, press and hold your child’s foot where you desire the footprint to be
  • As a nice touch, I wrote my kids name and age next to their footprint
  • Feel free to write whatever your heart desires at the top of the picture
Don’t judge my terrible handwriting, but here’s the finished project!

That’s it! I hope you and your child have enjoyed this simple but fun craft together! Comment below if you have any questions.

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  1. Well that is my official favorite footprint art ever! I crazy love this! Like, seriously. I’m gushing. I know… But it’s so cute! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Sabrina! Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you love this simple Father’s Day craft and I hope you try it with your kiddos this Father’s Day. =)

    1. Hi Charissa! Thank you so much! I really wanted their Father’s boot to stand out. I’m glad you enjoyed this craft and hope you try it this Father’s Day! =)

    1. Hi Candy! Thank you! Oh yes, I had to use my hubby’s extra boots while he was at work LOL. I’m sure you’ll find a way to do this Father’s Day craft. He will be so glad you did =)

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