Easy Valentine’s Day Craft For Kids: Heart Necklaces


I love doing something fun for the kiddos whenever possible and recently, I had a “Love Day” play date for a few of their buddies.

I wanted to come up with a craft that was very simple, but fun for the kids to do.

So here’s an easy Valentine’s Day craft any child can do and will enjoy!

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You will need:

How To Make Valentine’s Day Heart Necklaces

My son with his heart necklace complete!

  • Get your computer paper and trace a heart shape to the best of your ability with a pencil
  • Use the white sheet of paper to be your guide to create the color heart with the poster board paper
On the left is the white sheet of paper that I used as a guide to cut out the red heart on poster board paper
  • Cut out as many heart shapes as you need 

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  • Get your hole puncher and punch a hole on both sides of the top corners 

  • Add your yarn at the desired length to tie as a necklace

  •  Now all you have to do is have the kids decorate it with paint, crayons, markers or stickers

That’s it! Super easy and super fun.

My little loves! They did such a great job on their heart necklaces.

I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy craft! I know my kids and their friends did.

They really enjoyed the Love Day party!!

Please comment below if you have any questions and check out the I Love God Valentine’s Day Booklet. I would love to see how your kids make this their own!

Check Out the I Love God Valentine’s Day Booklet!

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