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  1. Hi Zaneta! I can completely relate and I agreed with You’re able to keep all of the nutrients in your food. I decided to breast feed our daughter until she was 11 months old. We never once bought store food. Everything was made from scratch using fresh ingredients. She was never sick. Great post!

  2. This is perfect Zaneta! My son won’t eat any veggies at all, but I love all these gentle persuasion techniques that empower the kids rather than forcing them to try something. Do you have a link to your popsicle recipe?

  3. My children seem to bring home sickness from their classrooms every.week. It’s awful!!! Being 3 all a year apart, they all catch it and spread it to eachother so we’re stuck in perma-coldville half the year lolol I’m going to add these supplements for sure!

    1. Awe that’s no fun!! But unfortunately, that’s very common. The supplements will definitely keep their immune system strong to help fight off those nasty things. Diet plays a huge roll as well.

    1. Unfortunately I do not. That is just something that is going to happen with kids. My tip would be to keep hands washed as much as possible. Also, having them on supplements will give their immune system a boost and that will help their bodies naturally fight off germs and they will be less likely to get sick often. This is what works for me! My 1-year-old still puts her hands in her mouth but its not really a big deal because her immune system is strong.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Washing your hands correctly can save a life! I’m a nanny so I’m sure to teach the importance of not only washing your hands but doing it correctly. People are so quick to just rinse their hands but your hands need much longer than that– especially kids!

  5. Oh my goodness, I’m thinking my baby is reacting to dairy too- nothing drastic, but it makes me sad to think I’ll be cutting out dairy for so long! I LOVE cheese way too much. Haha! OH well, I eat so much dairy, it will probably be really good for me to cut it out of my diet. Hopefully it helps the baby too!!

    1. LOL Trust, I know the feeling! It was literally one of the hardest things I had to do, but was very rewarding for us both. You could just cut dairy for a week and see if that clears up baby’s skin. And if so, then you know that’s the cause. It gets much easier once you do if for awhile.

  6. Love this! We make church a priority and both grew up in Christian homes. My favorite on your list is worship music. We only do worship music in our cars and try to avoid radio stations that arent as positive! Our 3 year old repeats everything so it’s so important to watch what we listen to around her!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Yes! Worship music is golden for us as well. I have a 2-year-old and 5-year-old so I’m with you when it comes to repeating everything LOL. It’s not even worth turning the radio on these days.

  7. Oh, I totally agree! A healthy diet is hard to achieve with my two year old, I will admit, but sleep is so important for immunity! I’ve been thinking about what supplements to start giving him (especially when he starts preschool next year)and this post really helps. Thank you!

  8. I have 2 boys… After much conflict with the first and potty training I’ve been hesitant to push it with the second (he’s much more headstrong) you bring up some interesting stuff in the article, thanks!

    1. Hi Trina, potty training the first child is definitely a learning process, but it also prepares us for what to do with future children.

      Just as a suggestion before you start with your second son, you could just get him acclimated with the potty training process but not actually start.

      For example, you can allow him to go in the bathroom with you or his brother just so he can see what the process is like. You can also have him watch potty training shows, read books, and take him with you to buy underwear.

      All of this will help him understand what is to com and before you know it, he’ll be wanting to start all on his own. I would recommend starting this at least 2-4 weeks prior to actually starting potty training to give him time to understand the process…unless of course, he is ready to start before then.

      I pray you have much success this time around!!

  9. My son will be 4 next month and he knows HOW to go potty he just doesn’t WANT to. Meanwhile, my co-worker’s daughter is almost 2 and she is fully potty trained!! Ugh!!

    1. Hi Shelby, there could be several reasons he may not want to go although he knows how.

      Here’s a few reasons why from my personal experience: He is afraid to poop, he doesn’t want to be forced, he doesn’t fully understand the process, he’s not motivated with the correct reward.

      Those are just a few things it could be but here are some suggestions you can do to encourage him to go on his own:
      Start having him watch potty training shows more often, read books, sing songs, talk to him about why it’s important for him to listen to his BODY, get a timer that will remind him to go so that he doesn’t feel like he’s being forced by mom or dad to go. Normalize poop talk as much as you can.

      Hopefully this helps!

    1. Hey Maria! That’s awesome! Yes, the hidden spinach in popsicles work so well for getting more green veggie into a kids diet. I’m glad this article was helpful!

  10. I haven’t had luck in my potty training twice and my daughter now is 5 years old. She did say she has a poop in her nappy but she doesn’t want to be maneuver in the bathroom and doesn’t want to leave her nappy yet for another potty training. Sigh.

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry to hear potty training your daughter hasn’t gone as planned. I do have a few suggestions that may help:

      1. Get rid of the diapers. As long as she knows they are there, she will continue to want to poop in them out of comfort. Out of sight out of mind works really well in this case.

      2. Explain to her how she is a big girl now who has super cool big girl underwear. If you are still working on nap time/night time then you can cut fluids at least 2.5-3 hrs before bed or only give a tiny bit. They also have absorbent training pants on amazon that you can use only for night time.

      3. That’s awesome she is telling you she has a poop in her diaper! Anytime she has an accident, dump the poop in the toilet and explain to her that her poop likes to live there.

      4. Talk more about how her BODY likes when she goes pee and poop in the potty, don’t pressure her to go but set a timer that reminds her or play a potty song when it’s time for her to go, and keep a light fun exciting potty training environment. If she feels like you’re getting upset with her, it will only continue to prolong the process.

      I hope this helps!

  11. Your babies are so adorable! My daughter is only 6 months old but I will definitely keep these tips in mind for the future. Very helpful post!

  12. I have heard this a lot as well amd I was so worried when my son wasn’t ready to be potty trained. But I just went with his timing and potty training was such an easy process! Hopefully my daughter will be easily potty trained when the time comes!

    1. Hi Stephanie! I’m glad you found out what works for you son. It’s amazing how each child adapts to the potty training process. I’m sure things will go well with your daughter as well.

    1. Hi Julia, my son started out sitting to pee for awhile but eventually started to stand to pee as we held him up until he was tall enough to stand on his own.

      That’s also very interesting your first son still doesn’t stand to pee. But, every child is different right? I’m sure he will start to stand the more you encourage him about it. You can also have a male family member (dad, older, brother, uncle) that you trust show him how to stand and pee.

      Thanks for your comment!

  13. Hey, thank you for these tips! My son is 18 months now and I’m at the point of starting potty training. I will be implementing your suggestions!

    1. Hey there Anh! That’s awesome! I’m sure you’re going to do great. Please let me know how it’s going or if you need anymore suggestions.

      I’m glad this was helpful for you!

  14. Wow thank you! I love planners, and my fiancé always makes fun of me because I spend so much on them! This is actually going to save us some money, and maybe I can get him hooked up as well! 😉 Thanks!

  15. Such good advice and helpful! We are just reaching this stage so I’ll definitely be using some of your tips. Thank you!

    1. Hey Lorena! Yes, staying calm is definitely something we have to remember as the parent. I can personally only to it with God’s help LOL.
      I’m glad this was helpful for you!

    1. Hi Melissa! Yes, exactly. Self-control is always something we have to use first so that our children will learn to use theirs.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this article!

    1. Hey Anh, hopefully he never will LOL. My son has had tantrums in public but not my daughter. All kids handle their emotions differently once they learn how. There are definitely ways to prevent tantrums in public (as I’ve learned), which I may have to write about next.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this article!

  16. I am 32 weeks pregnant so absolutely already starting my research on losing baby weight so I love this article! I have a love for carbs so that will definitely be a challenge I will face! Thank you

    1. Hi Brittany! I’m so glad you found this helpful. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Carbs can definitely be something hard to cut out so I would gradually cut back on it so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. There are also tons of carb substitute recipes out there, like cauliflower.

      Here’s a link where you can find several recipes using cauliflower.

      I hope this helps!

  17. Truth be told my oldest is 8 and youngest is 6 and I have still not successfully lost the baby weight. Good for you for prioritizing your babies health and as an added bonus losing the weight, Also the pics of your baby so cute.

    1. Hi Marna, I know what you mean. It’s certainly not an easy thing to do but it is possible. I don’t know if you’ve tried cutting back on dairy or carbs, but it really does make a huge difference with losing weight.

      Thank you so much for the complement! I miss her being so little!

  18. Had to cut out on dairy too and after two weeks it wasn’t to bad. There is tons of alternatives and recipes out there.

  19. This was the sign I needed to officially eliminate dairy from my diet! I’ve been talking about it, but haven’t put it into action yet lol. How did you transition to being dairy- free?

    1. Hey Ashley, Oh wow! Yes, it can be daunting to think about but so rewarding in the end. I made the decision to stop so I did it cold turkey LOL, which I don’t recommend because it was really hard doing it that way.

      I would recommend you just gradually cut back on dairy. For example, you can eat dairy in one meal a day, then every other day, then once a week, then eventually, cut it completely out of your diet. A more gradual approach will be a lot easier on you then completely cutting it out from the beginning like I did.

      There are also cheese substitutes out there. Just do your research on which ones people actually like.

      I hope this helps!

    1. Hey Bethany! Thankfully my daughter grew out of eczema as I was told by the pediatrician, would happen. But the best way to know if it’s related to diet is by gradually cutting back on dairy. Typically dairy is the first trigger so I would start with that.

      I personally knew because I was eating a lot of dairy while breastfeeding so I naturally figured that’s what the cause of flare ups were. So once I cut dairy completely out of my diet, that’s when my daughter’s skin began to clear up.

      I hope this helps!

  20. I’m still working on losing my post baby’s weight since I lost weight while pregnant! I’m trying a low carb diet but I’ll try implementing your tips to see what happens.

  21. This is so important. My kids eat a variety of raw veggies while I cook lunch and dinner. Also popular meal choices in our house are big salads, soup with veggies in them or chili with veggies mixed in. It is shocking to me when we eat out that most kids meals have no fruit or veggies as options.

    1. I love your variety of veggie incorporated meals Marna! You are right about the kids menus. It’s once of the reasons we don’t eat out much. It’s nothing like home cooked meals!

  22. These are great tips! My oldest two have always loved their veggies. My younger two? Not so much! Hiding them in meals is a must for those two.

    1. Hi Amber! You are right about that LOL. Sometimes I like my vegetables sauteed or raw, so texture definitely plays a huge role with kids eating veggies.

  23. Yessss! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to get vegetables into my kids. Looking forward to the days when I don’t have to worry about it so much! Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Amanda! I’m so glad you found this helpful. Your’e right, this too shall pass LOL. There will be a day you will look at your kids eating veggies and requesting seconds! =)

  24. These are some great ideas. My youngest child loves veggies just as I did/do…my older two do not care for them. These tips will help me to ensure they get their veggie sin!
    Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo Lani

  25. I really needed this. I am always forgetting things. I missed an important doctors appointment last week because of that. So I am printing this right now. Thank you so much you are a literal lifesaver.

    1. Oh noo! Sorry to hear you missed your appointment. Things can get so busy sometimes that we forget the important things that has to be done. I’m glad this daily planner will be able to help with that.

  26. THANK YOU for this printable planner!! I have been needing something like this for the longest and how amazing that it’s Free! I’m sure this will help me to organise my day/week so much easier now.

  27. Great advice! I’m working on potty training my daughter and she’s not making it easy. This tips will definitely help. Thanks for sharing ❤

  28. This list really does have everything. We’re just starting out potty training. I’m going to use some books to help, my soon loves books. Thanks

    1. Hey Lydia! Thank you so much. I wanted to make sure I included everything LOL. Glad you found something helpful for your potty training journey. I pray it all goes well for you and your son. =)

  29. I love this article! I’m in the process of potty training my son. He’s 3 year old now, and I thought we’re done until he started having accidents lately. Now I’m planning to delay it further because we keep moving houses these past few weeks. By June hopefully we can start all over again.

    1. Hey Kris! Moving can definitely play a huge role in regression and would probably be best to restart once you are settled into your new place. I hope all goes well this time around with potty training your son!

      So glad you found these tips helpful =)

  30. Love this post! We use many of these same tips to stay well! I especially find that when we take our vitamins and probiotics we stay much healthier too. I love that you suggested whole food vitamins. As a master herbalist they are the only kind I ever recommend. I wish more people did these things!

    1. Hey Shayla! Yes!! All natural vitamins and probiotics are a must. We don’t go without taking them everyday. So glad you enjoy this article.

  31. I truly love these ideas! Subscribing to your blog and adding the tree and scavenger hunt to the list for my littles. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    xoxo Lani

    1. Hey Lani! Aren’t these so great!? I’m definitely going to do the scavenger hunt this Easter. I’m so excited for my kiddos to learn more about Resurrection Day while having fun.

      Glad you found something from this Easter kids craft list that you can use, and thank you for subscribing!

    1. Hi Shirley! I’m so glad you will use one of these Christian Easter crafts for Resurrection Day. The Resurrection garden is awesome. I can’t wait to try it with my kiddos as well. =)

  32. I love these! I’m not at all crafty so I like when other people come up with the ideas for me ?

    1. Hey Meredith! I know what you mean LOL. Sometimes I’m in a crafty mood and other times…not so much. So this type of Easter craft list comes in handy. Glad you found this helpful!

  33. These are an excellent way to have fun and talk about your beliefs and the meaning of Easter. Beautiful!

    1. Hi Victoria, Yes exactly! It’s all about teaching our children about the love that Jesus has for us and reason we truly celebrate Easter.

    1. Hey Trish! I’m so glad you found this helpful and will be doing some of these Easter crafts and activities with your kids. I’m sure they will love it!

  34. Hi Zaneta! I’ve been trying to get to your blog. I could not track you from my comments thread coz you didn’t leave your url. This is a great post. I’m working hard to put a Godly foundation on my kids.

    1. Hey Amanda! Thank you so much! The Holy Spirit definitely lead me on this one LOL. Maybe you and your daughter can make a Easter Wreath cross next year together. =)

  35. Beautiful! I’m reallt hoping to make a wreath for our from and back doors once we finish redoing our farmhouse exterior. This is a great starting point for a rustic decor project that gets noticed! Well done 🙂

  36. What neat and wonderful ideas!! Some of them are absolutely beautiful, and look professional! Thank you for posting on ideas that bring Jesus into families’ homes, that is one of the most important things I think Christian parents need to do, these days. God bless you!

    1. Hi Janene! You are welcome! I agree, these Christian Eater craft ideas are definitely helpful on where to start for Christ-centered Easter crafts and activities.

  37. Hi Zaneta; Great post. I am pretty limited in my kitchen skills, but I was still able to make some of my kids baby foods and used some store bought. It wasn’t the perfect solution, in particular when it came to meats I refused to give my kids meat from a jar. the thought of that freaked me out! I would boil chicken and sweet potato and puree together and freeze in ice cube trays (then cover them).

  38. Hey Brooke! Thank you!! That’s awesome..whatever works for your family is all that matters. Yea, the baby food that has meat in the jars smell awful!! I had to smell a few different ones at a baby shower one time and couldn’t stand to smell it LOL. Sweet potato pureed with everything was definitely a go-to for me as well. Thanks for sharing!! =)

  39. My son will start eating solids in a month or so, I’m teally hoping to feed him as much fruits and vegetables that we grow at home for these reasons!

    1. Hey Diana! That is so awesome you guys grow your own fruits and veggies. My hubby and I have a passion to start doing that again soon. Your son will be totally happy and healthy from making your own homemade baby food from the garden. Thanks for sharing!!

  40. Well that is my official favorite footprint art ever! I crazy love this! Like, seriously. I’m gushing. I know… But it’s so cute! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Sabrina! Thank you so much!! I’m so glad you love this simple Father’s Day craft and I hope you try it with your kiddos this Father’s Day. =)

  41. These are really cute ideas for a Father’s Day craft. I love how you painted the bottom of Dad’s shoe – it looks really cute that way!

    1. Hi Charissa! Thank you so much! I really wanted their Father’s boot to stand out. I’m glad you enjoyed this craft and hope you try it this Father’s Day! =)

    1. Hi Candy! Thank you! Oh yes, I had to use my hubby’s extra boots while he was at work LOL. I’m sure you’ll find a way to do this Father’s Day craft. He will be so glad you did =)

  42. I must confess that when my kids were little I used to think that yelling was the way to go when they wouldn’t listen. I’m a little older and a little wiser now and God has help me to find better ways to deal with the kids. You have great tips here, awesome post!

    1. Hi Carolina! That is so true. Yelling was all a really knew as well, but it’s so refreshing to know there is always a better way to communicate with our kids. I’m so glad you enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing! =)

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much. Yes, once I discovered my anger triggers, it really helped me identify how to respond differently. I’m glad this was helpful for you!

    1. Hi Supriya, I’m glad you found this helpful. We all have been there, so don’t feel guilty. I hope this will be a start for you to respond differently in the heat of frustration. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jensine! That is awesome! Yes, pizza Fridays have always been a signature dish for us. You’re right, these pizza breadsticks would definitely be perfect for a Christmas party. I hope you try this recipe. Thanks for your comment and saving it =)

    1. Hi Audrey, You are right so right! Christmas Tree Pizza breadsticks are definitely a great alternative to sweet. I’m so glad you plan to try this recipe with your kids. Please let me know how it turns out!

    1. Hi Jessica! My kids love pizza too! These Christmas tree pizza breadsticks are definitely a great alternative to eating pizza. If my kids could eat pizza everyday, they would. Thank you for your comment. I hope you try this recipe!

  43. Your son is so adorable in that chef’s outfit! This is such a fun idea, for any pizza making day, not just holidays! Thanks so much for sharing! My son is just getting into cooking so I think he will LOVE making this.

    1. Hi Monica! Thank you so much! My son and daughter love to cook and now they’re interested in wearing their aprons instead of the chef outfits. I hope you and your son make these Christmas tree beadsticks this Christmas! Thank you for commenting.

  44. What a cute idea for a Christmas appetizer or snack! My kids are all about breadsticks, so we may have to give this recipe a try this weekend!

    1. Hi Charissa. Thank you! I totally agree with you. Christmas appetizers are endless these days. I’m so glad you plan to try this Christmas tree breadsticks recipe. Please let me know how it turns out for you!

    1. Hey Vanessa! That is definitely one of my favs as well. I’m going to let my daughter try that one for sure. I’m glad you found a Preschool activity that you can try with your kiddos. Please let me know how they like it once they try it.

    1. Hey there! Thank you so much. I love the activity with tongs as well. I’m glad you found something that you can share with parents of Preschoolers.

  45. I love these ideas! The printables are great 🙂 As a teacher, I wouldn’t worry too much about letter and number recognition i preschool as it’s something they’ll learn in K. I’m a big believer in play activities and getting outside 🙂 I’m going to use some of these for rainy day activities ! Thanks!

    1. Hi Diana! The printables are definitely helpful for indoor learning time. As far as letter and number recognition, it definitely is something kids will learn in Kindergarten, but depending on the school the child attends, it’s also something they are expected to know. There are so many aspects to learning in Preschool and getting outside is definitely a huge part of that. That’s why I put together a variety of learning activities for Preschoolers.
      I’m glad you found something you can use for indoor rainy days. Thank you for your comment!

    1. Hi Ghada, thank you so much! I agree. There are so many fun Preschool activity ideas from so many awesome mom bloggers that parents can do at home. Thanks for commenting.

  46. This is such an excellent way of “stealing time” to grow in fellowship with God. I had started keeping a prayer journal and doing devotions before bed, but have fallen out of the habit due to my son resisting bedtime and my falling asleep with him. As a mother, I like the idea of being able to pray for my son on specific topics, so I’m excited about the prayer cards.

    1. Hi Kimberlie, I’m so glad you found the prayer cards helpful. I enjoy reading before bed as well but I would often fall asleep. So now the mornings have really worked out great for me to have my intimate time with God.
      I know how it is when the little one doesn’t want to go to bed right away. I hope he transitions to his bed soon for you. I have prayer cards for “peaceful sleep” that I pray over children and have seen great results from using God’s Word. Feel free to check them out
      Thank you for your comment!

  47. I love this idea! One thing I have to watch out for is getting overwhelmed. If I give myself a list of more than 2 or 3 things to pray over my children, I won’t pray them every week, let alone every day. I have to ask God to help me focus on the top things to pray for them on a daily basis. This will always include their salvation, or once they place their faith in Christ, their spiritual growth.

    1. Hi Sarah! You are so right. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed about what to pray for over our kids. That’s exactly I use God’s Word to pray for my kids now. It really keeps it simple. I’m glad you enjoy this article, and thank you for your comment!

    1. Hi April, LOL. I know what you mean. Slime is pretty messy, but the kids love it so much! I’m glad your daughter can do this craft with her grandma. I’m sure they’ll have tons of fun!

    1. Hi Supriya! I’m glad you and your daughter will make this slime recipe together. I’m sure she’s going to really enjoy it!
      Please let me know how it goes =)

    1. Hey Mikaela! I’m glad you plan to try this Valentine’s Day slime when your daughter gets older. I’m sure she will have a blast making it with you.

    1. Hi Sonja, LOL. You sound like me. I was avoiding creating slime for the longest, but now that I see how much my kids love it, I will definitely let them do it again. It’s one of the best sensory activities for sure!

    1. Hi Paris! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you found this post helpful. I bet your son will enjoy whichever black history books you decide to purchase.

  48. What an amazing list! I took my 8 year old to the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and they had lots of these in their gift shop. The Indianapolis Children’s museum has an amazing Ruby Bridges exhibit that is easy for kids to understand. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Maggie! Wow, that is so awesome! My kids are still a bit too young for museums and I know they won’t be interested for long without complaining LOL. I’m excited for them to experience this type of history through the lens of a museum. I’m glad you found this list of black history books helpful!

  49. Thank you for this timely post. I am passing your list to my adult children for my grandchildren and will also disseminate it to the young people in my church. This history is OUR history. It is American history and it must be shared.

    1. Hi Calvoina, wow, what an honor. Thank you so much for passing this children’s book list along to those you know will be impacted. I was excited to write this post, and I’m glad I finished it in time fro Black History Month. I learned so much just from reading about the books and ordered a few to read to my kids. This is certainly American History, and I hope one day it won’t have to be labeled as “black history”, but American History.

  50. These are great! Thanks for the suggestions. I want to have a day this month where I talk about it with my kiddos to some capacity but don’t really know where to start.

    1. Hi Jen! I’m glad this was helpful for you. One of the easiest ways to start teaching black history is by reading picture books that tell the story. Since most children are so visual, this will give them a better understanding of what’s taking place. I’m sure your kiddos will enjoy learning more about this with you.

  51. This is a huge list of books, and I’m so excited to dive into them with my sons! It’s so sad that black history has been condensed to only a month of the year… black history is American history and should be taught and represented all year long. And as a teacher who taught in predominantly minority schools, it is SO important for children to see themselves represented in history and on tv/in movies in a positive way. I hope these books help children of all races and ethnicities learn how our differences can strengthen us and can lead us into a better society in the future.

    1. Hi Dawn! You are so right! My hope is that one day a law will be passed for schools to incorporate black history into their curriculum as American History. So many children will benefit from seeing how many things African Americans have done to pave the way for them to live in freedom.

      I’m so glad you plan to read many of these with your sons. I’m sure they well enjoy them! Thank you for your comment!!

    1. Hi Brittany,
      I’m so glad you have several of these Black History books! I still have a lot more to purchase, but I’m excited about the ones we do have.

  52. I love this idea. You’re right. Our children and family should be exposed to God outside of church as well. I lovw the idea of starting devotion with a prayer.

    1. Hi Kimberlie, thank you! The hardest part is just starting but once you do, it’s so rewarding seeing how the kids begin to grow in God’s Word from home.

  53. These are such great tips to get families started on a tradition of bible study. I think it’s great you mention 5-10 minutes is plenty. Especially with younger children, its hard to hold their attention for long periods of time. The important part is doing it together and learning some valuable lessons.

    1. Hi Cendu, I’m so glad you found my family Bible study tips helpful. Yes, you are so right! I’ve learned it’s not about the amount of time, but more about everyone learning and growing in God’s Word together as a family. Whether that’s 5 minutes or 10 minutes, God honors our dedication to doing it.

  54. Thank you for these tips. I’m always trying to maximize time with the family especially in teaching them about Jesus. I need to look into some of these devotions you recommended.

    1. Hey Brittany! You’re very welcome! I’m glad you found this helpful. Teaching our kids about Jesus is definitely a big job, but I’m glad we have many resources out their to help.