How To Remove Tomato Sauce Stains From Tupperware Containers

If Its one thing my kids are sure to make a mess eating, its anything that contains tomato sauce.

My daughter just loves spaghetti and manages to make a mess of it whenever she sits in the highchair. The highchair top is white and tends to absorb stains easily.

So I’m always wiping as soon as something spills to avoid that. Now, when it comes to my plastic containers, those bad boys stain as soon as red hits them.

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I have found 3 things that will remove tomato sauce stains from Tupperware containers

  • Lemon Juice: You will need to cut a lemon in half and wipe the container with the juices. Let it dry out with heat (blow dry, set outside in the sun, or microwave) completely before washing the container.

This method works but does take some time.

  • Baking Soda & White Vinegar: Baking soda and vinegar are good for way too many things to name but one of those things are fighting stains.

These two work together like a power couple. You will just need to add some baking soda to the container and white vinegar. It should start to bubble before your eyes.

Wipe around the container with a rag or scrubber for a few minutes and you will notice the stains remove as you wipe. 

  • Natural Fabric Bleach: If you are anything like me, and don’t want to wait on the lemon juice to set and don’t like the smell of vinegar, then this is a better alternative.

Its a natural based bleach that is safe to use on color clothes and all stained items. 

Fill the stained container with water and add a tablespoon or two of the natural fabric bleach to the water. Stir the mixture and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes for best results.

If the container is pretty bad, I would recommend you soak the mixture longer.

I hope this helps clear up those nasty looking containers that we all throw to the back of the cabinet.

Please comment below if you have any questions!

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  1. oh wow I just learned something new here, I would have never thought of lemon and I always get my taperware stained with sauces. thanks for sharing.

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